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Out of concern for the environment -
our common wealth

Mabar Sp. z o.o. is created by people who share the passion for the environment.

Mabar Sp. z o.o. is created by people who share the passion for the environment.
We are focused on projects aimed at improving environmental protection and ensuring that our country becomes a real ‘green island’. We want the environment in which we live to be clean and capable of self-healing. Nature does not need much from us – just not to disturb it and let it purify itself.

Today’s consumer civilisation produces too much pollution and nature cannot cope with this on its own. Therefore, conscious and responsible action is needed at every level of our lives to improve the purity of our environment. We must be responsible both during the sorting of waste and its subsequent disposal.

For this very reason, one of the most important areas of our activity is the disposal of waste, especially environmentally hazardous waste. We make every effort to ensure that these processes are safe for both local communities and the environment.

Another important area of our activity is the production of energy from renewable sources. These two areas are closely linked and both are extremely important for protecting the environment and improving people’s quality of life.

These areas of our business activity are closely linked to the search for suitable properties for our contractors, who invest in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Managing projects and companies responsibly fits in perfectly with the environmental trend. Because entrepreneurs are a group of people whose impact on environmental protection cannot be overestimated.

All our business activities are guided by values such as responsibility, safety, innovation, professionalism and consistency in action and concern for our common good - the environment.